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电子游艺娱乐平台网站 (以下简称公司),始创于1999年,拥有在册员工120人,技术人员50余人,52个外包劳务施工队。持有18项实用新型专利和三项BIM软件著作权。
业务范畴 公司从最初的建筑装修装饰成长为集设计咨询、工程建设、乐乐捕鱼官方网站 、平台运作于一体的现代融合性企业,主要从事建筑及室内外装修装饰的规划设计,软装、木作、展柜道具设计加工,以及商业综合体、写字楼、影院、会所、学校、医院、颐养产业、宾馆、饭店、体验店、专卖店、地产、住宅和银行、金融机构等装修装饰施工。与欧亚集团、台湾蓝天科技集团、海尔集团、凯悦酒店、希尔顿酒店、卓展等知名企业合作逾十年,与建行、工行、招行等金融机构合作逾五年,与北汽集团、中铁集团、诺睿德地产集团、万科、恒大、中海、力旺等地产公司合作,经典合作案例数百项,业务覆盖十余省市。
  • 建筑装修装饰工程专业承包壹级资质
  • 建筑装饰工程设计专项甲级资质
  • 防水防腐保温工程专业承包贰级资质
  • 公司荣誉
  • 多次被吉林省、长春市政府授予“守合同重信用”单位称号
  • 连续八年获得长春市”君子兰杯”优质工程奖
  • 连续八年获得“建筑装饰优秀企业”奖和吉林省优秀工程奖
  • 电子游艺娱乐平台网站,皇冠棋牌官方下载 秉持“赚取阳光下的利润”经营宗旨,坚持“简约深美”成果追求,为客户提供服务、为员工搭建平台、为社会创造价值、为股东回馈效益,打造“为己,为人,为人人”的服务型现代企业。
    核心竞争力   BIM技术+装配式装修+集中采购平台+互联网+智能化绿色施工
    五年愿景   ·将昆仑建设打造成东北区域知名品牌





      ChangChun KunLun Construction Limited Company (CCKL), founded in 1999, has 120 registered employees, more than 50 lab technical personnel, and 52 outsourcing labor construction teams. CCKL is one of the newest third board medium and minor enterprises in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations system. The abbreviation of stock name is “KunLun Construction,” and the code is “837447”.
    The scope of Business   CCKL started as a fundamental construction and decoration company. Gradually, it has become a modern integrated enterprise that includes design consultations, engineering constructions, educational trainings, and a centered operational platform. The company mainly engages in indoor and outdoor decorative design and construction, soft decoration, woodwork, display cabinet props design and processing.
      The company range of business from commercial and public items—commercial complex, hotels, movie theaters, schools and offices, banks and hospitals, to domestic furnished homes, and so forth.
      CCKL lasts more than 10 years to cooperate with well-known enterprises of OuYa Company, Taiwan Sky Tech and Science Company, Samsung, Haier, Hyatt Regency Hotels, Hilton hotels, and Charter Shopping Center. The company also spends the five-year on cooperation of financial institutions such as China Construction Bank, ICBC, and China Merchants Bank. Additionally, CCKL cooperates with top tier real estate companies such as Beijing Automotive Group, China Railway Engineering Group, Nuoruide Group, Vanke, Evergrande Group, and so on. There have been over one hundred projects completed thus far. CCKL’s reach has extended all across China.
    Company Certifications
    Accomplishments and Awards
    Service Philosophy   CCKL follows the purpose of “Clearly Earning Profits under The Sun”, insists on pursuing the idea of “Simplicity creates Beauty”. We provide reliable services for customers, organize necessary platforms for our employees, create values for society, and return benefits to shareholders. CCKL’s main goal is to continue establish a modern enterprise while focusing on our service purpose of “For myself, for others, and for all”.
    The Core Competence of the Corporation   BIM+ Fabrication Line Construction+Centralized Purchasing Platforms+Online+ Green Construction Technology
    Five-Year Plan   CCKL Design Department is going to be a renown brand.
      CCKL Technical College will provide plenty of workers for the company as well as for society.
      CCKL will gather more district resources to build up more platforms and also cooperate with the Decorations Associations in Jilin Province.
      CCKL has established the foundation of “Heart Charity”, which, based on the profits of the company, will provide aids for impoverished students and other less fortunate groups. Not only will the company benefit, but society as well.